When you hire professionals to help you move, your work has just begun. Unless you have hired your local moving company to also come and pack up your entire house, the responsibility is on you to get everything ready for the big day. If you are about to move with the help of local movers, remember these few things to make it a successful and stress-free day. 

Label Your Boxes

The most important thing you can do is label all of your boxes for the moving company to clearly see. The label not only gives them direction on where it belongs in the new house, but it also gives them a general idea of what it is inside. A box labeled "kitchen dishes" will obviously be something that needs to be handled with more care than a box labeled "old books". Help your local moving company out by making it clear where all of your things are, even if they are in boxes.

Don't Overpack Your Boxes

Remember that every single box you pack has to be picked up and moved on to the truck as well as off the truck and into your new home. Make sure you don't overload every single box where it is nearly impossible for the crew to quickly move them. Be considerate and space out the heavy items so they are not all in one box. On moving day, it will be much easier if you take care of packing every single stray item in your home so the local movers just have to move boxes onto the truck. They do not want to make extra trips just because you forgot to pack up your lamps and picture frames, so do your part and have the boxes ready.

Keep Valuable Items Separate

Every family has a handful of valuable items that you do not want to be damaged during the move, so be sure to keep these items to the side in a safe place. Many people find peace of mind when they take these items to the new house themselves and leave everything else for the local moving company to load onto the truck.

Stay Out of the Way

On the big moving day, the best and most helpful thing you can do is simply stay out of the way. Local movers are trained to work efficiently and quickly and can do their job much better if you are not in the way trying to help them. It is also very important to keep pets and small children out of the way to prevent injuries.