Moving is not one of the most pleasant tasks in the world. You have to go through your belongings, pack everything up, clean your home, move everything, and then go through the entire process again when you get to your new home. Moving is a very labor-intensive task and is not a task you have to take on your own.

#1 Hire Someone to Go Through Your Home

If you feel like you have too much junk in your home, you don't have to go through it all on your own. There are experts that you can hire that will you go through your home and downsize your items. They will take on most of the emotional and physical work of going through your home, with a little input from you. Hiring a service to help you declutter your home before you move will allow you to move to your new home and set things up without all the clutter.

#2 Hire Someone to Pack Your Home

Packing can take a lot of work, especially when you are not an expert at packing up a home. Instead of taking on the task of packing up a home all on your home, hiring a moving service to pack up your home.

They will literally pack almost everything in your home, from the clothing in your closet to the items in your kitchen drawers. It will serve you well to make sure that everything is in the right room in your home before the packers come.

The only things you will need to take care of are live plants, fresh food, and any animals you need to move.

#3 Hire Someone to Move Your Belongings

The same team that packs up your belongings can also move them for you. With a full-service move, a team will pack up your belongings and then pack them on a moving truck for you and take them to your new home.

#4 Hire Someone to Unpack

If you don't have to unpack, you can have a full-service moving team take care of that task for you as well. Since they packed up your home, they will have no problem unpacking your new home. Just let them know which room you want everything to go into, and they will take care of the unpacking for you and remove all the boxes as well. Everything may not be in the exact place you would put it, but everything will be put away, and you can settle into your new home and fine-tune things without having to live with unpacked boxes for days at a time.

#5 Hire Someone to Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home can be one of the most laborious parts of moving. Luckily, many cleaning services offer one-time packages for people moving. You can hire a cleaning team to clean up your old home so you don't have to.

Moving doesn't have to be a lot of work. Hire a decluttering expert to help you go through your home before the move. Hire a full-service moving company to pack up your belongings, move your belongings, and unpack everything for you. If either home needs cleaning, hire a cleaning service. There is help out there that will take on all the work of your next move.