A storage unit can be a valuable resource when you need more space to house your belongings. Some people use storage units to eliminate clutter during a move, others use a storage unit to house excess business inventory. You might want to invest in a storage unit to keep priceless antiques you inherit from a loved one safe.

If these antiques are made of wood, you will need a heated self storage unit to preserve their integrity.


The moisture content in the air can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the wood items you store within a storage unit. Air that is too dry can dehydrate the wood. This will lead to the formation of cracks that can mar the appearance of your antiques.

A climate-controlled storage unit will allow you to determine the right level of humidity within your individual unit to avoid cracks and other damage caused by dryness.


Another problem that you need to worry about when storing wood antiques in a storage unit is too much moisture. Just as dry air can cause damage, wet air can cause damage as well.

Humidity can increase the amount of moisture within the cells of the wood. This causes the wood to swell and expand. The wood changes shape, and splits can appear. These splits not only detract from the beauty of your antique furnishings, they can compromise the structural stability of each antique as well.


Wood can easily rot when the environment it is stored in isn't managed properly. Temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors can lead to both regular rot and dry rot. If enough damage is caused by the rot, the wood will not be able to be saved.

Rot can ruin an antique, and having the piece refinished to replace rotted wood could detract from its value. A climate-controlled storage unit will allow you to set the environmental parameters within the unit to suit the needs of your wood antiques.

A storage unit must provide more than just space. It must keep the items that you are storing within it safe from damage. Wood antiques can be especially challenging to store, but a climate-controlled unit can help ensure the safety of your cherished items.

Talk to your local storage facility about the many benefits a climate-controlled storage unit can offer when you find yourself in need of some additional storage space.