Whether you live near a lake or ocean, you may have recently bought a boat to enjoy going out on the water with family and friends. While the weather may be prime for boating during several seasons, you should consider putting your boat in storage during the off-season. Although you could leave it resting at a dock, you will benefit from investing in indoor boat storage.


An excellent reason to put your boat into an indoor storage area is to avoid the elements. While you do not have to worry about rainfall causing damage to your boat, there are other elements, such as wind, lightning, and hail that can lead to your boat getting damaged in certain situations.

Hail can damage the exterior while wind can blow debris or boats around, which increases the chance of a collision happening. Also, a tall boat will be susceptible to a lightning strike.


While you may be most worried about the elements, you should also not underestimate the wear and tear that the sun can put on your boat. If there is sailcloth exposed to the sun, you should expect it to wear down after prolonged exposure. But you can easily prevent this from happening by putting your boat into an indoor storage building that eliminates sunlight exposure altogether. Check out facilities like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights to get a better idea of what this involves.


Although boats are designed to be on the water, your boat will experience extra wear and tear when it stays on the water compared to being taken to land. If you want to avoid barnacle buildup that will require thorough cleaning when you want to start using boat again, you cannot go wrong with indoor storage. Also, you can help to maximize the lifespan of the boat paint and pump.


Storing your boat on a dock is a quick and easy way to put your boat away for a season or two. But leaving your boat exposed to the public means that vandalism is a possibility. The last thing you want to do is to come back to your boat to find that it has been damaged intentionally.

Another thing that could happen is the boat theft in which someone steals parts or the boat itself. This is a problem that you will not experience as long as your boat is in a storage building.

While you may like the convenience of storing your boat on the water, you should invest in indoor storage when you are determined to minimize complications.