Did you get transfer orders from your military unit? Perhaps your place of business has decided to move you to a new city where you'll be in charge of a new branch. Or, it might even be that you have decided that you would be happier living closer to family members. Whatever the reason for your move, you are probably experiencing different feelings. On the one hand, you might be very excited about new experiences that are ahead of you.

However, on the other hand, you might not be thrilled about having to pack up your household belongings and find new services, things like new doctors, dentists, and even a new person to cut your hair. First things first, right? And, that more than likely means getting your house ready for the big move. From having a family meeting-of-the-minds to arranging for a moving company to pack your things and then transport them, here are some ideas that might help you.

Get Family Members On Board - While packing up your household items might not be your favorite thing to do, won't it be nice to know that you have gotten rid of things that you and your family members no longer use? Think of having a meeting where you ask each person in your family to go through his or her personal belongings. Have an area where items for a charitable donation can be placed, and another area for things that will be placed in a yard sale can be saved. Remind everybody to keep out things they'll want to have on hand until unpacking in the new house has been accomplished. For example, if your little children have favorite blankets or stuffed toys, remind them to put them somewhere like a backpack that they will keep with them.

Arrange For Moving Day - Will your business be moving you? If so, a moving company might be arranged for you. If not, consider using a moving company that is recommended by a friend or a family member who moved recently. If that individual had a good experience with the moving company he or she used, it is likely that you'll have a good experience, too. 

When you make arrangements to move, be very specific with the moving company on exactly which day you will need workers to arrive and which day you need your household items to arrive at your new home. For example, if you will be delayed due to something like a side trip on your way to your new city, the moving company will more than likely be happy to store your household items until the day that you plan to move into your new house. 

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